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Now that is a long title for a book – and of the sort you don't see very often these days – and a brave way to introduce a web site. But don't be put off, on this site you will find various examples of my poetry and that of others in both written and spoken form that will not strike you deaf or blind. I have also used my interest as a film maker and digital artist to bring a further measure of art to this adventure in communication. The keyword above all though is 'poetry', including that of other poets. It is a quest for truth that is inherent in the act of poetry – operating as a redeemable philosophy – a relatively deep search that casts a net and attempts to snag illusive and vital clues to our existence and purpose. There is no agenda in this and I champion no causes:

You will also find included on the 'influences' page, some interesting references to my favourite poets and their work – along with readings of their poems, delivered by me on both the 'video' and 'readings' pages.

Apart from placing my own work in the public eye, my hope is to engage with the human soul and suggest that poetry is inside all our heads and in elements of our daily lives. Can poetry provide many of the answers we seek to the deeper and more profound difficulties life presents us with?
From the beginnings of my own involvement with poetry in general, I liked the way it illuminated people who seemed to be in agreeance with my own thoughts and feelings – or pointed out new ways of looking at shared or analogous situations. In fact, there are poets, dead and alive who I feel have walked with me for most of my adult life and offered great support with their words and the way they chose to communicate. I hope my work and other aspects of this site will be useful to you in a similar way.
Peter Hague Poet and Aritist
Peter Hague

Gain of Function

Death is coming –
its shadow sits on every heart,
as grief leaks its fertile blood,
one grave at a time –

Not too young –
an unsettling euthanasia.
Delivered by obsession,
and a shrinking world.

An insidious revolution,
overwhelming our burdens
with a crushed prosperity
and the silence of peace.

As the first wave rebounds
from the squalor of population,
we wear its shadow
like a stiff, new coat.

©2020 Peter Hague
Published on Twitter –
May 2020

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“Genuine poetry can communicate
before it is understood.”

T. S. Eliot – American Poet – 1888-1965

"Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash."

Leonard Cohen – Canadian poet/songwriter 1934-2016

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Over the last year or so, I have been publishing some new poems direct to Twitter which have now been published in traditional book form, along with many new poems from the same period – it has become a powerful anthology containing some of my best work. I found that the immediacy of being able to go 'live' with new work to be a very dynamic experience – and these new anthologised poems seem to be charged with a desirable energy – a directness – almost a reckless excitement.

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"It is only one's thoughts that fill a room with something more than furniture."

Wallace Stevens – American poet – 1879-1955

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