Summer With The Gods

Summer With The Gods (covers) by Peter Hague

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Summer With The Gods (front cover) by Peter Hague

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Summer With The Gods (back cover) by Peter Hague
This book of collected poems has grown in power and complexity over the last few years, becoming what might be called a bonded fusion of defined intent – a sort of new magic that began to stray across its own borders. It grew into the natural spaces between the individual poems to create something approaching a loosely epic story of pseudo-mythology, semi-autobiography and a broad gathering of observation. Peter Hague certainly manages to inject into his work a constant newness of unfailing excitement and you will be hard pressed to find a work of poetry written in current times that is more inventive, creative or searching. ‘Summer With The Gods’ is a poet displaying a landmark development of his talent – one that will define a period of re-invention which began to take place around 2016. His life experience over the previous decades had provided him with a much greater understanding of who he was, and what his place in the world might be and it gathered a new energy to his work that had a lot of fuel in the tank. ‘Summer With The Gods’ is just a part of this gathering of words, yet stands alone as an entertainment, as much as anything – a poet beginning to stretch his legs and move forward. Other poems from this period and developed from it, will emerge in due course.
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'Summer With The Gods'

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Summer With The Gods by Peter Hague
Summer With The Gods by Peter Hague
Summer With The Gods by Peter Hague
Summer With The Gods by Peter Hague

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"Peter’s language is impeccable and the imagery in this journey is like reading a fiction novel at times trying to figure out where this journey is leading. The moon perhaps? Just as magnetic is the poetry in this book."

Fevers of the Mind
Poetry Magazine

"One of the poet’s strength’s is his ability to write about varied subjects while maintaining a philosophical thread about mortality. Yet, these poems are not maudlin, rather, Peter Hague’s poetic voice and strength is his philosophical interpretation of reality."

Wendy E. Slater (poet)

"Until then – and regardless
of who or what may attempt to sing,
we turn off our desires
and their beacon light, till spring”

Peter Hague – 'Summer With The Gods'

180pp. Available in both paperback: ISBN 978-1-8382746-4-1
and hardback: ISBN 978-1-8382746-5-8

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