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Corporate ID, leaflets, brochures, Web design


It is important for companies, large and small, to project a coherent image to the world. I am experience in this type of work and consider it fundamental to any marketing strategy.

However, there is not always a need for organisations or small businesses to promote themselves vigorously in every direction possible – sometimes this approach is clearly wasteful. I have a philosophy for prudent thinking, I believe that every project is different and should be targeted appropriately to remain cost effective.

I tend to specialise in internet and web design and have moved away from some of the traditional areas of advertising and promotion but I can design and organise the production of: Corporate identity • leaflets • brochures • general print work • interior design • Shop front and signage.

"The relatively new opportunity of the internet offers many possibilities and a whole new audience for businesses, organisations and individuals."

A great deal can be achieved from having a web site that precisely suits your needs, plays to your strengths and presents the character of your business, organisation or your interests to the world – which is exactly what I seek to provide.

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