Recorded Readings
Read by Peter Hague

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If viewing this page on a mobile phone you should still be able to see the accompanying written poems with their intended line breaks, though some of the longer lines may spill over. If so, use your phone in landscape mode.

Poem readings from:

'The Momentary Clock'

The Momentary Clock by Peter Hague

Poem readings from:

'Louder Prayers'

Louder Prayers by Peter Hague

Poem readings from:

'Summer With The Gods'

Summer With The Gods by Peter Hague

Poem readings from:

'Gain of Function'

Gain of Function by Peter Hague

Poem readings from:

'Hope in the Heart of Hatred'

Hop in the Heart of Hatred by Peter Hague

As well as these recorded readings of my own poems, there are other readings of my work, and also the work of others in the video section of this web site.

"Put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard."

Anne Sexton – American poet – 1928-1974

“I think that at the bottom of all art lies the impulse to preserve.”

Philip Larkin – English poet – 1922-1985

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